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Blood Brothers Workshops

Are your students studying the Willy Russell classic ‘Blood Brothers’ for English or Drama?


If so, don’t miss out on the opportunity to hold a workshop in your school with former star of Blood Brothers, PAUL CROSBY(pictured right).


Paul played ‘Mickey’ for over 3,000 performances of Blood Brothers in the West End, on tour and abroad and in that time developed a vast knowledge of the show and inside knowledge of the production.

Paul also plays the part of ‘Mickey’ on the most recent cast recording of the show.


What’s on offer?


The workshop is designed to tackle the major issues that arise during the piece such as:

Childhood and adolescence

Nature or nurture?

The social class system



As well as this there is the opportunity to study the characters and their relationships with in the text and discuss the role of the Narrator.


Obviously, these are issues that will have been touched on by your students in their studying of the text, but the workshop will offer them the opportunity to not only discuss their thoughts and ideas but also to put them into practice using scenes from the show in which they will be guided through the original West End direction, with the aim of working through the entire show in a day!!!





How long will it last?


That’s up to you. If you only want the workshop to fill a particular lesson then this can be accomplished, or if you would like a whole day workshop, covering all aspects for students studying the piece for GCSE then this too can be provided.


How much will it cost?


The $64,000 dollar question! But don’t worry – it’s not that much! A full day’s workshop will cost £250 and a half day will cost £150. Much cheaper than a trip to London and no risk assessments!


What do I do if I’m interested?


Simply contact me via email: to discuss your requirements.

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