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Professional Singing Tuition

Kindred One-to-one Song Presentation classes.

Are you a musical theatre lover and want to get past the fear of hitting the right notes and be able to relax and commit to the acting journey of the song?

Have you always enjoyed singing but want to develop your natural talents?

Do you love singing in a group but want the confidence to sing solo?

Are you preparing for drama school auditions?

Then these classes are for you. Not only will you get vocal coaching, but the main focus will lie on the presentation and performance of the song.

We are offering 45 minute sessions for all ages and abilities, and home tuition is available for your own convenience. Each session will be tailored to the pupil to get the best out of their voice. The material worked on will be chosen by the student and each song will be worked on in detail to a backing track. Areas covered will be integrated into the sessions focusing on the needs of each song choice and will include :

Understanding the journey of the song and choosing appropriate acting and physical choices.

Understanding the workings and mechanisms of the voice.

Work on breath control.

Developing a thorough vocal warm up.

Understanding vocal health.

Exploring and expanding vocal range.

Strengthening head, mix and chest voices.

Application and delivery of vocal qualities such as twang and belt.

Working on a variety of different material and building a wide vocal repertoire.

These classes are run by Lizzie Watts, who trained in Acting (Performing Arts) at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts receiving a BA Hons. Elizabeth has studied both Estill Voice Training and Speech Level Singing and has Grade 8 singing and Grade 5 Music Theory qualifications. During her time training she also got the opportunity be part of the audition panel for the new intake of undergraduates and so has a great knowledge of audition technique.


Structured Progression through Musical Theatre Singing Examinations


Kindred Drama offers singing lessons and vocal coaching in either a one-to-one or group setting (max. 4)


  • Discover or develop your voice with lessons that include technique, interpretation and performance

  • Specialising in musical theatre and pop/rock

  • Learn how to adapt and manage your voice in your chosen style

  • Learning to read music, theory, sight singing and microphone technique also available


In addition, Kindred Drama offer a structured progression through musical theatre singing examinations for those who want to work towards recognised qualifications, using the specialist syllabus of either the London Academy on Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA) or London College of Music (LCM).


Kindred Drama can also help with you AUDITION preparation.


  • Single sessions or short courses that will give you a leading edge

  • Advice on repertoire


Accompanist services available


These sessions are run by Steve Hession; Musical Director for the Key Theatre from 1996. He works closely with the Key Youth Theatre trying to develop young singing talent. As well as piano and keyboards, Steve plays classical organ and trumpet and has, over many years, worked extensively in the theatre as musician, arranger/orchestrator and Musical Director.

Please email:

for more information about all singing classes.

Kindred Professional Singing Tuition rates: 

One hour singing - £24 or book a course of 10 - £220

3/4 of an hour- £18 or book a course of 10 - £165

1/2 an hour - £12 or book a course of 10 -£110

A small group for half hour (no more than 4 per group) - £9


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